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wow, I am amazed at the world today and it's events as they come to pass..isn't it also amazing how our book "The Bible" is more accurate than any other!,of course it is the word of God.

Anyway The People in The Middle East can't make up their mind on peace or war. Here are major End-Time Events that have unfolded in the past, present and not to distant future..

Israel reborn as a nation in 1948 (Ezek. 4:3-6, Lev. 26:18)

Israel surrounded by hostile Arab countries (Psalm 83:4-8)

Jerusalem inhabited by the Jews (Luke 21:24)

Israel negotiates a peace treaty with her enemies (Daniel 9:27)

Doomsday weapons threaten earth (Joel 2:3)

Ecological devastation occurs (Rev. 11:18)

The Roman Empire revives as the European Union (Daniel 2:40-44)

Heresies become widespread (II Thess. 2:3)

Russia rises as a military power (Ezek. 38:1-12)

A hole in the ozone layer develops (Rev. 16:8.9)

TV communications are global (Revelation 11:9,10)

Satanic and cultic activity arises (I Tim. 4:1)

Sub-dermal microchips for identification purposes proposed by the U.S. military (Rev. 13:16,17)

Massive increases in wealth occur (Jas. 5:3)

GATT and World Trade Organization become possible forerunners of a world government (Rev. 13:7)

Asia possesses resources for a 200-million-man army (Rev. 9:14-16)

The Euphrates River can be dried up (Rev. 16:12-v 14) and a military highway linking Asia to the Middle East is being completed (Rev. 9:14)

Knowledge vastly increases (Dan. 12:4)

Russian and Ethiopian Jews return to Israel (Jer. 23:7,8; Zeph. 3:10)

The Hebrew language is recovered (Zeph. 3:9)

Jerusalem is rebuilt in nine specific directions (Jer. 31:38-40)

Levites and priests train for Temple service (Ezek. 43:14,15)

Israel's rainfall increases dramatically (Joel 2:23) and the country

becomes fertile and blossoms (Isa. 27:6)

Men become more selfish, arrogant, abusive, ungrateful, fierce and treacherous (II Tim. 3:2,3);

Violance escalates to dangerous levels

War breaks out in Israel

Church of Nativity has massive explosions near it

Look familler to you?

the world currently look like WWIII but soon a man who come out of the EU will put forth a peace deal and will be accepted.

I firmly believe that the church age is rapidly coming to a close, that the church will be raptured, and that stopwatch will resume its count - ticking away the final seven years God has appointed to accomplish His purpose for the Jews. We live in exciting times.

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